PATCHS Introduction

What is PATCHS?

PATCHS is a non-urgent online consultation service that allows you to quickly and easily access GP services online. It replaces our previous system E-Consult. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and PATCHS will get you the help you need quickly. It is available between 08:00 and 14:00 Monday to Friday.

patchs process

How does PATCHS work?

You can get started using PATCHS in three simple steps:

  1. Once you have registered, you can access PATCHS by clicking the link on your GP website or opening the NHSApp on your smartphone. Login by entering your registered email address and password. Details for getting setup are below.
  2. Choose the appropriate option and answer a few simple questions to help your GP understand your problem.
  3. Your answers are sent to your GP who responds as quickly as possible during their opening hours. Initial responses may be via online message or telephone, though face-to-face or video consultation appointments will be arranged if needed.

Benefits for you

  1. Improved access to your GP practice. You can submit requests for help from your GP practice in your own time without having to wait on the phone to speak to a receptionist.
  2. Quick response. You will usually get a quicker response from a GP than having to wait for an appointment.
  3. Convenience. You can access a range of services including GP consultations, health advice, fit notes, medications, video consultations, and more. You usually won’t have leave your house if you contact your GP practice using PATCHS.
  4. Easy to use. PATCHS is really simple to use – you only need to answer a few questions to get help from your GP practice.
  5. You may prefer communicating in writing. Some patients find it easier to describe their health problems more fully and accurately in writing than they could in a traditional telephone or face-to-face consultation. You can also take your time to answer questions, can review and edit them before submitting, and have a written record to refer back to in future.
  6. Support for vulnerable patients. Carers can use PATCHS on behalf of patients who can’t use PATCHS for themselves.

Benefits for your GP practice

  1. Improved efficiency. Your GP practice can see at a glance what help you need (because it’s written down), without you needing to explain it over the phone. This helps them to quickly prioritise which patients need help quickest, and which patients need telephone or face-to-face appointments.
  2. Fewer phone calls. The more patients use PATCHS to contact the GP practice, the fewer phone calls the practice receives. This frees up GP practice staff to do other important work.

Benefits for other patients

  1. Patients who need help quickest get it sooner. Your GP practice can see at a glance what help you need (because it’s written down). This means patients who need telephone calls or face-to-face appointments get them quicker. 
  2. Patients who really need to phone the practice can get through easier. The more patients use PATCHS to contact the GP practice, the fewer phone calls the practice receives. This frees up the phone lines for patients that can’t use PATCHS or have medical emergencies.

3 Steps to getting setup…

Click the + icons to see the instructions.

Step 1 – Download the NHSApp

You can download the NHS App on to your smartphone here, or access it through the web here.

Step 2 – Create an NHS login

Click here for instructions of how to create an NHS login. If you already have one go to step 3

Step 3 – Link PATCHS to your NHS account

When you open the PATCHS website, click on the Contact my GP button from your practice’s welcome page you’ll be taken to a page where you can Continue with PATCHS or Continue with NHS login.


If you’re new to PATCHS and would like to access PATCHS with NHS login you should click on the Continue with NHS login button (you can find out more about NHS login here).


This will take you to NHS login, where where you will sign up or sign into NHS login.

You will then return to PATCHS to Register a new PATCHS account to link to your NHS login

  1. Read and agree to Patient EULA 
  2. Enter additional demographic details and Register
  3. Verify your PATCHs registrationmceclip6.png
  4. And you will then be able to request help from your practice